Music INSET or Staff Training for your School or Setting

All my INSET courses can be modified to provide shorter break-out sessions at music conferences, or adapted for Staff Training Days or Twilights.  

The courses reflect a wide range of focuses within music education and offer support for the non-specialist, as well as providing fresh ideas and perspectives for subject leaders. 

I am always developing new courses, but constantly review past titles in line with current music initiatives.  My material can be adapted to suit different situations so please contact me to discuss the specific training needs of your school.

'Sue has all the magic ingredients of a successful trainer.  Fresh and new ideas expertly delivered with a fabulous sense of humour'.

Jane Hampson Head of Service Bolton Music Service

Some of my recent INSET titles include:

'Stepping Up!' (EYFS) 

A singing workshop for all EYFS and KS1 practitioners, with a particular invitation to those who are not confident about vocal work. The day is jam-packed with accessible songs from my new book 'Voicelinks' (OUP), offering engaging repertoire, lesson plans, tips and activities. The book is organised into popular units of work, such as 'Celebrations' and 'Tell Me a Story', each containing progressive songs for EYFS, Y1 and Y2. Each song comes with practical classroom activities linking singing to the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

'Can't Sing, Can't Play, Can't Teach Music' (EYFS)

This course integrates music with all the 'Areas of Learning and Development', offering a huge bank of teacher-led songs, chants and games with a wealth of ideas for developing child-centred learning. The activities incorporate prop boxes, puppets, role play and exploration of sounds for inside and out. Definitely a day for non-specialist practitioners. 

'Sing a Song - Tell a Story' (EYFS and KS1)

This course explores the links between storytelling, music and singing, including many aspects of literacy: drama, speaking and listening, poetry and vocabulary enrichment, and has been delivered both as a break-out session and a full day's workshop. Activities include character puppets, writing songs and ideas for creating soundscapes as musical backgrounds to stories. 

'Singing for the Scared' (KS1 & KS2) 

A singing day particularly suited to nervous or non-singers providing them with a structured approach to teaching singing at KS1 and KS2. Delegates explore a wide range of vocal material including warm-ups, action songs and ways into part-singing. This course was delivered very successfully all over the UK as part of the 'Sing Up' training programme 2007 - 2011.

'Songs for Starting Points for Composition' (KS1 & KS2)

Songs can provide wonderful springboards for creative work. This session develops many simple ideas for composition from a wide range of vocal material, and includes percussion improvisation and song accompaniments using pitched instruments. 

'Composing for the Terrified' (KS1 & KS2) 

Definitely a course for non-specialist teachers who find composing with their pupils rather challenging!  This workshop offers simple starting points for composition such as songs, poems, stories and even a painting.  Achievable creative outcomes and no music-reading skills needed!  

'Joined-Up Thinking' (KS1 & KS2) 

In the current climate of educational uncertainty, many schools are rethinking their approach to delivering the primary curriculum. 'Joined-Up Thinking' offers music as a springboard for cross-curricular approaches, exploring popular topic themes such as: 'Me', 'Food', 'People who Help Us', 'Celebrations' and 'Toys' (KS1): 'The Tudors', 'Rivers and Seas', 'The Caribbean', 'Victorian Britain' and 'Playground Songs and Games' (KS2). The themes can be varied to suit your school's planning framework.

'Playground Songs and Games' (KS1 & KS2)

A day for teaching assistants, support workers and practitioners aimed at reintroducing the singing playground to primary schools. Songs and games from the UK and around the world are taught to encourage a more social and integrated playtime regime. An accessible, integrated and inclusive repertoire for non-specialists including ball-throwing and catching songs, skipping chants, stick-passing and chase games and many traditional circle singing games.

'Make More of Percussion' (KS1 & KS2)

This workshop introduces non-specialists to simple and effective ways of using percussion to enhance primary music lessons. Delegates will learn the names of instruments, how to hold them and acquire simple strategies for improvising, composing and approaches to accompanying songs. 

'Singing in the Limelight' (KS1 & KS2)

A workshop dedicated to singing and music theatre - a chance to experiment with a range of songs enhanced by gesture, actions, movement, role play, drama and simple dance steps. Delegates experience a range of techniques for incorporating performance with opportunities for improvising and experimentation with a wide repertoire of material. 

'Step into a Painting' (KS1 & KS2)

Rousseau's painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' is used as a springboard for music-making within an arts-led topic. The painting provides the stimulus for wide-ranging musical outcomes using songs, raps and instrumental work involving improvisation and composition. An arts- inspired musical experience for the whole primary school.