My Published Material Includes

Christmas Tinderbox
by Sue Nicholls
published 1986 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 655575

A resource of festive ideas for the primary classroom teacher.  Age range 5-11 years.

Bobby Shaftoe Clap Your Hands
by Sue Nicholls
published 1992 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 635560

A collection of familiar tunes with new words, written to develop basic music skills.  No music reading is required to use this book. Age range 4-6 years.

Michael Finnigin Tap Your Chinigin
by Sue Nicholls
published 1998 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 64716
New words to well-known tunes exploring the elements of music and building on the basic skills established in 'Bobby Shaftoe Clap Your Hands'.  No music reading required.  Age range 6-7 years.

Music Express Foundation Stage (Book + 2CDs + CD-ROM)
by Sally Hickman, Sue Nicholls & Patricia Scott
Published 2003 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 665826

Contains resources and planned activities needed to implement the QCA Foundation Stage Curriculum guidance for music.  No music reading required.  Age range 3-5 years.

The Handy Band
by Sue Nicholls
published 2004 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 66897
All the songs have a PSE focus helping with such topics as 'taking turns' and 'respecting ourselves and others'.  Like 'Bobby Shaftoe' and 'Michael Finnigin' the words are set to familiar tunes.  No music reading required.  Age range 3-5 years.

Three Little Nativities (Book and CD)
by Veronica Clark, Sue Nicholls, Jonathan Trueman, Kaye Umansky
published 2006 by A & C Black ISBN 9 780713 678383
Three retellings of the nativity story through impromptu musical performances.  Simple performance, costume and artwork suggestions are given in this pack which includes a free performance licence.  No music reading required.  Age range 3-5 years.

The Song Stack (Book and CD)
by Sue Nicholls arranged by David Green
published 2007 by Music Education Supplies ISBN 9 781906 213992

Accessible and singable songs with warm-ups and extensions and ideas for teaching the material.  Age range KS1 & KS2 

'Playground Song Book'
(Book and CD) 
by Sue Nicholls
published by Music Education Supplies. ISBN 9 781906 213237 
A set of 15 new accessible contemporary playground songs. No music reading required. Age range 5-7 years.

'Voicelinks' (Book and CD)
by Sue Nicholls and Peter Hunt
published by OUP ISBN 9 780193 370234
24 transition songs for EYFS, Y1 and Y2 collected under generic themes: 'All about me', Celebrations', 'Paint my world' and 'Tell me a Story'. Every song offers many linked activities connecting the singing to everyday classroom delivery. Age range 4-7 year 

I was also commissioned to write songs for the following publications: 

Themes for Early Years (Scholastic)
Singing Sherlock 1 & 2 (Boosey and Hawkes) 
Voiceworks at Christmas (OUP)